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(no subject) [Feb. 5th, 2009|05:38 pm]

this ad is following me and it is making me nuts... is it following anyone else? i see it at least 5 times a day...no lie
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my birthday [Feb. 5th, 2008|12:11 am]
just so i can remember in years to come....

my 21st birthday (recap)

my parents came this past weekend, we went to the bentley boys basketball game, they beat bryant (our rival) by 1 point (they made the winning shot with 1.8 seconds to go) then my fam, mandy, serena and gerry all went to chilis for dinner, then the fam and i went back to the hotel room where my parents gave me a pearl necklace (which was really pretty) and melanie gave me high school musical 2 on dvd and some cheesy high school musical perfume that smells like cotton candy lol

then they went home, the giants beat the undefeated patriots to win the superbowl (yay!)

then, on my birthday, i went to class from 955-2 then got the flowers my mom sent me (they are in the shape of a cake, it looks like a real cake) then i went to the liquor store (i bought a fuzzy navel wine cooler and a 6 pack of rolling rock) came back to campus, ate lunch, went to class at 5 then checked my mail, got a card from ashley :) , went back, made some dinner, relaxed, then everyone came back from where they were, they made me a cake, we sang happy birthday, opened my presents (person-present is the format....gerry-passion fruit rum, serena- black jacket with a pink flower design, earrings and necklace set, and a sudoko book mandy- cute large brown bag from wet seal ashley- double stuff oreos (haha cuz i always ask her for one when she is eating them) carmen electra strip tease work out vid (haha cuz we talked about it randomly and i said i wanted it) and a little jewelry box from egypt.  )

the evening was good, overall
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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2007|09:19 am]

Ok so i heard about this story in Circle K (aka key club) and I want to get ppl involved cuz I want it to happen.

There is this termanally ill child, Shane, he has cancer (he is 7) and for his wish, he wants to recieve the most birthday cards ever (breaking the world record) even if he doesnt break it, (i heard the record was like 1.14 million or something) it would still be nice for him to get a lot of cards. so his birthday is May 31st. and i was thinking maybe you could get your sorority and friends and any large group, to help him out. cuz that is such a cute wish! and it would be a fun arts and crafts thing to do. (i dont know if this matters but the kid lives in canada. but it is still a nice thing to do)

http://www.huntsvilleforester.com/1170257239/ newspaper article about it

http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/medical/bernier.asp this site has a link to the news report on it and the address in nice form.

just wanted to spread the work.

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friday/ wilton comes to visit me [Feb. 3rd, 2007|03:34 pm]
[Current Location |the bent]
[mood |thankfulthankful]
[music |say anything- wow i can get sexual too]

Ok so friday Chels, Stef, Pone, Rachel and James came to Bentley.  Chels, stef and pone came up in one car. They got here at like 415, 430ish. James and rachel left after the first car, but they also went the wrong way so they were really running late.  So i take the girls that are here to my room, and we sit for alittle bit, and decide to go to The Cheesecake Factory in boston.  So we print directions and go. Our plan was to meet james and rachel there and then eat.  So chelsea is driving, and we miss one direction but it turns out to be ok. So we go on our way and finally get to this light. There are 3 lanes. Left, straight and right. we realize at the light that we need to go straight but we are in the left lane. so we try to get back over into the middle lane but we cant. so we sit in the left lane but we dont go left and the cars behind us cant turn bc we are blocking them. so the middle light turns green and we get into the correct lane. but the person that lets us in is a cop. then he pulls us over and says that we violated 2 laws.( i cant remember the laws now lol but they were silly) so we get a $25 ticket and a warning (the warning, had it been a ticket would have been $100) then we ask him for directions, he tells us how to get there and we start on our way again. 

We get to where we think we are supposed to be. but we have to choose, right or left. we think we need left but we are already in the right lane, so we decide to just go right cuz we didnt want to get another ticket or anything. so we go right. we go 2 blocks in hopes of just making 2 turns and getting back the other way. but no. it is a one way street. so we cant and end up back on the highway going away from the city. we try to get off the first exit there is but of course there arent any and we end up in the next town over. so we stopped at a 711 to ask for directions and the guy gives us really good directions. we follow them back and then, all of the sudden, we are back where we thought we made an error in going right. but the directions the man gave us said to go right! and they said go 3 blocks.......so if we had only gone one more block to get there we wouldnt have had all of that lost travel time. it was redonk.  

so we park in a parking garage and walk to the prudential center (where the cheesecake factory is).  We put our name down for 7 and take the buzzer thing. We go to barns and nobels and stef and chelsea go to 'sephors' aka go somewhere where stef can get me a present cuz she didnt.  so they come back and we just stand around waiting for a little bit. then we get buzzed! rachel and james arent there yet but we called them and they said they were done loading up rachels stuff from her apt and where on their way.  so we get there and give them the buzzer.  they tell us to stand over on the side. so we stand on the side and we are standing there for like 15 mins. other ppl that were told to stand there already got taken to their seats.  so finally todd asks why we havent been seated and they say 'well is everyone in your party here' and we say no. lol so they say we have to wait for everyone.  we wait another like 15 mins for them to get here and when they do we tell them that everyone is here and then they tell us we have to wait more now! cuz i guess they gave away our table. by this time it is like 945 and i hadnt eaten anything since 1130 when i had a bowl of life cereal and a cup of coffee the whole day. i was soooooo hungry (stef had only had coffee the whole day!) anyways we didnt have to wait long after getting the buzzer the second time to get seated. so we sit down

then allison bryant came, but she just sat with us and didnt order anything.  this is just a side note: i get a soda but it tasted weird. :( and i needed the caffine cuz i had been up since 715 and then went to class and cleaned up the room and didnt nap :(.  so i just had to drink water.  we ordered apatizers and meals and by that time we were full so we wanted to get a cheesecake to go, but it turns out the cheesecakes are frozen! lol but they guy said that if we wanted to eat it frozen it would still taste good lol, he said like ice cream lol, so we got an oreo cheesecake and left. our waiter was pretty funny. he was most def gay and he had an accent and he put his hand on james' shoulder and was joking with james. it was funny. i had a good time at dinner. it was fun.

so then we go to head back to bentley.  we had to pay a redonk amount of $ to park in the garage. then we get back on our way. it was girls in one car, boys in the other (allison bryant went back to BU) .  so we followed the signs for 90 west which is what the directions said to do and then just followed the directions until we got back to where i knew. we made a couple of wrong turns, but nothing major. and it was snowing like crazy! lol so we get back to find that todd and james went the wrong way but were back on track lol. so while we were waiting for them the girls and i went back to my room where serena, gerry, catherine and stacy were. they brought out some alc. and people drank a little. then the boys finally got here. we had some cake, opened presents and chatted and listened to music for little bit. it was fun. then the boys left, the other bentley girls left to go to their room and we just chilled and went to sleep.

then this morning the girls woke up and we went to dunkin dohnuts for breakfast and sat in the student center and ate it. the boys were still asleep when we went to go get breakfast so we were just like. whatev. so then rachel just went home with chels and james is going to stay with todd another night lol.

so even though we got lost and pulled over i still had a really fun time :) i am glad everyone came. i hope they had fun too :P and even though we got lost i hope they come again lol. next time we will just stick to public transportation. i know my way around it better.  i might post pics of my presents later. pone got me the office, season 1, stef got me a heart neacklace and chelsea got me this cute heart bag (like a make up bag) and a lip gloss (serena got me eyeshadow and a case from mac but she gave me that on thursday)


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LONG UPDATES [Feb. 1st, 2007|05:23 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |jay brannan- soda shop]

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the weekend [Oct. 9th, 2006|12:42 am]
so although this is a weekend update most will be about sunday night

friday- came home, ate dinner at home, went to friendlys with chels, harry, pone and nikki then went back to nikki/harrys and watched the little mermaid :P

saturday- went apple picking, it took us(pone, chels, nikki and i) like 2 hours to get there cuz we got lost, but its all good. then we ate a lot and had a generally fun time (pics will be up when i get back to school cuz thats where the camera cable is) then we went to pones house at like 10pm and just chilled

sunday- chilled at home, went to the mall with the fam and went to stews :P watched some football. ate some yummy food. then we went to nikkis house, went on a quick run to dunkin and went back to nikkis to play eat it ( a board game about snacks and candy ect) so while we were playing harry decided since he wasnt playing he would put narnia in. only nobody but pone wanted narnia in. and pone was watching narnia instead of playing the game so it was taking forever. so nikki went to go turn off the dvd player but harry tackeled her. they wrasled (sp? i want to say wras not wres) for like 5 mintues then pone went over to help and then i jumped in and then chels joined and we all started wrasling. we had to restart the dvd like 5 times cuz i would push the button and it would go off and then pone would reset it lol. so in the end nikki decided to just unplugg everything. only when harry replugged in the dvd player it wouldnt turn back on. we went back to playing the game and he fiddled around with it for a little bit but it didnt come back on. so we decided to call customer service. nikki said she would talk, but when it came down to it she chickened out.

so here is the conversation i had to have with ralphael the customers service rep

me: gives model number and phone number and name
ralph: whats the problem? am i on speaker phone? you are breaking up
me: *takes ralph off speaker phone* we unplugged it to move it and now when we replugged it up it didnt turn on
ralph: is it plugged up?
me: yes
ralph: did you try pushing the power button?
me (and everyone else) *laughs for like 2 minutes* YES i tired pushing the power button
ralph: did you try plugging it into a different outlet?
me: yes
ralph: ok try holding the power button down for 6 seconds
me: ok
ralph:dont hold it down too long, or it will explode
me: its not going to explode. it still isnt turning on
ralph: are there lights on in the house?
me: *laughs some more* yes
ralph: does it smell like burning?
me: no
ralph: ok well there is nothing i can do, i can referr you to a service center but the parts are out of date so i dont know what they can do for you
me: sure
ralph: ok what is your zip code?
me: 06897
ralph: ok, there is cos cob (i thought he said costco) or greenwhich (which he pronounced green witch)
me: where is costco?
ralph: *gives me the adress*
me: oooh cos cob. wait, cos cob is in greenwhich, ok what is the number?
ralph: which one do you want?
me: wait, if i call this number back and just hit 2 instead of a customer service rep cant i get this information?
ralph: what? i am a customer service rep.
me: nevermind, just give me the greenwhich one
ralph: green witch? ok *number*
me: ok thanks
ralph: is that all?
me: yes
ralph: are you sure?
me: yes
ralph: positive?
me: YES! the machine is still broken!
ralph: oh ya, leave the machine unplugged for 35 to 45 minutes and then try plugging it back up, and if it works, you're in luck and if it doesnt you probably have to buy a new one
me: ok thanks. bye.

oh my, that was the worst customer service experience of my life! seriously. did we try pushing the power button? are there lights on in the house?

i should also note that there were often long pauses and me cracking up cuz i couldnt believe how ridiculous this was
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bob saget [Oct. 2nd, 2006|12:36 pm]
ok, so, after setting up for bob saget i was pretty pumped to see him

so i came back, ate and then we went to go wait in line. we got there 15 minutes before the doors opened and we were at least 100 people back. that was until everyone decided to start cutting the line. no cameras were allowed in, and you had to go through metal detectors to get in, so i ran and brought my camera back to the room. we came back from that and the doors still werent open, so since me, catherin, mandy and purvi (a freshman from hawaii that serena knows, she is really nice) had the staff passes we figured hey, we could most def cut the line. but we had to pretend that we were ushering the event to get in (and we got in the back door so that means no metal detectors aka could have brought my camera! boo!!! anyways so me and purvi ushered (aka told ppl to move to the middle of the row) and mandy and catherine saved seats. and later on i had to yell at ppl cuz they moved chairs on the floor around wich isnt allowed and i felt bad. the show started an hour and a half late! cuz bob has this policy that he doesnt start until everyone waiting in line is in.

so finally the opener goes on and ppl started booing! cuz they wanted bob. it was a little mean. and eveyrone was upset about waiting for so long and when you tell drunk ppl 10 more minutes for like 40 minutes they get a little mad. anyways, then bob came on. he was really funny and pretty dirty. he was like 'ya i fucked kimmy gibbler' but he was only joking and he later on said something about doing comet! lol! he made fun of himself a lot lol. and he was like 'fuck that shit, now thats something you dont want to do, dont fuck that shit, you could get an infection and have to take antibiotics' lol it was funny. he made fun of joey (dave coulier) a lot too lol. and he talked about his teenage daughters and how when he would yell at them he would be like 'i'm bob saget dammit' lol overall, funny, until he brought out his guitar. then it went a little downhill, but he did sing 'danny tanner was not gay' lol

then everyone left (a lot of ppl left during the show which i thought was rude) and now there are like 4 anti bob saget facebook groups and one is directly at CAB (the club that i am a part of that brought him here) bc of the wait. its kinda rude and they dont even know what happened. they are just uninformed. i am sure that the ppl waiting outside in line were happy that the show was waiting for them

then it was clean up time. it was rough. but while we were cleaning bob came out and sign stuff for us! he was really nice! lol but then it was back to cleaning which went ok at first, but some ppl were just standing around doing nothing! it was redonk! and then we were helping these 2 girls roll the mats and all they did was complain about how we were doing it. it was obnoxious.

anyways, it was a good time minus clean up lol

pictures and a picture of my newly decorated wallCollapse )
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the weekend [Sep. 30th, 2006|11:55 am]
so last night i went over to the other room and had some dinner, watched a little i love the 80s and then we kinda just chilled a little more. then since we got Team America on netflix we watched it :P it was a pretty good movie :P and if you have seen the unrated version its a little odd lol

then we were like, well what are we gonna do now? and we saw a commercial for iHop and since catherine had been saying how she was hungry so we were like, lets go! lol but all the ones close to us werent 24 hours lol so we had to drive like 20 minutes to go to one that was 24 hours and stacy knew how to get there lol so we didnt get lost or anything so we went, ate i got me a yummy stuffed french toast :). but there were a lot of different types of ppl there at like 1 am lol which is when we went there. there was a gangster table, a punk table, i guess there was some sort of indian party cuz there was a whole lot of indians in traditional garb. and then there were just random ppl lol it was fun and spur of the moment

well now i am off to the mall and then tonight is BOB SAGET! i really hope i get to meet him! i prolly wont cuz i am a chicken butt. but hopefully i will!
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me copying kelly/ really bored and this took more than 5 seconds :-p [Sep. 27th, 2006|10:29 pm]
) On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty-five songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing).
2) Write down a line of the song. try to avoid putting the song title in the line.
3) Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. (NO CHEATING!) <-please don't use a net search. That's no fun!
4) When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the correct name of the song next to it.
5) If someone guesses the artist and not the song, list the correct artist but not the song (Do not strike out.).
6) If someone guesses the song and not the artist, list the correct song name, but not the artist (Do not strike out.)
7) You must state if your lyric is a cover version. If it's the original, you don't have to say. If you aren't sure, it doesn't matter.

1.Take whatever comes our way /together we will stay / I got three words to say

2. I watch the stars as they fall from the sky/ I held a fallen star and it wept for me, dying/ I feel the fallen stars encircle me, now as they cry

3. I am heaven sent/ don't you dare forget/ I am all you've ever wanted Stefanie

4. I feel the energy all around/ and my body can't stop moving to the sound Pone

5. Last night you told me that I was the only one/ Baby you don't even know me/ You're just trying to get what I've got (haha doubt anyone knows this :P)

6. Girl, you're the only one I'd ever love and need/ cause when you're here with me/ you make me feel complete

7. Let's go down now/ into the darkness/ of your thoughts  Kelly

8. Well As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs/ and sit alone and wonder Pone

9. How can you turn and walk away/ pretending everythings okay?/ how can you turn your back?

10. You kiss me like an over dramatic actor/ whose starving for work/ with one last shot to make it happen - Stefanie (Kelly got the artist)

11. I am human and I need to be loved/ just like everyone else does (haha! cover! and embarssing cover!)  Kelly

12. I'm on fire/ and now I think I'm ready/ to bust a move (i dont know if the /'s are in the right place) Nikki

13. If you talk/ you better walk/ you better pack your shit up Pone

14. You dont care about impossible/ something I wish I could learn from you/ write me down as the best idea you had

15. I'm like 9 minutes away from finishing my 9 hours/ sittin' wishin' I was gone 9 hours ago Nikki

16. Darling believe me/ for me there is no one but you  Pone

17. Its true you sold your guitar/ and baught a car (hahaha!) Pone

18. They can sing, they can dance/ after all, miss, this is France (haha i chose a weird lyric but everyone knows this one) Marisa Kelly and Marisa got this, but since this is the only one Marisa got i will count it for her :P)

19. Tell me who's your weed man, and how do you smoke so good?/ you'se a superstar boy, why you still up in the hood?  Nikki

20. They say freak/ when you're singled out Stefanie

21. I like the way you never sleep/ and the promises you never keep/ I like the way you say hello/ and make it sound like time to go  Stefanie

22. Love love/ you're already home/ party's over and you don't look so good Kelly

23. Lying in your arms/ so close together/ did'nt know just what i am/ now I toss and turn/ cuz I'm without you Pone

24. oh such grace/ oh such beauty/ and lipstick and callous/ and fishnets and malice Kelly

25. I can see us holding hands/ walking on the beach/ our toes in the sand/ I can see us in the countryside Stefanie

:P i am not sure if any of the /'s are in the right place. so sorry. and sorry but i tried to pick parts that i thought ppl would get on hard songs and things they wouldnt get on easy song. i am gonna change them if nobody gets them
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...... [Sep. 19th, 2006|09:13 pm]
i shall do the ipod survey too..bc i want to

ipodCollapse )

ps- the shower floor was pretty dry when i went in there :)
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